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Tali Roth - Guitar Summer Program in Narnia Festival, Italy


The Narnia Festival International Summer Training Program, at the Narnia Arts Acadmey in Narni, Italy.
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Link To Narnia Flyer

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Link To Narnia Flyer

I am happy to introduce the 2nd year of my guitar course at the Narnia Arts Academy Summer Training

Program, as a part of Narnia Festival in Narni, Italy (located an hour north of Rome). See flyer attached.

It is a  unique program that combines master classes, chamber music coaching, different courses, educational trips and great performance opportunities. It is a big festival with 35 faculty on board, a full orchestra and mass production with daily performances for students and faculty.   All inclusive tuition (apart of flight) , will be between $1600-1800 (depends on choice of accommodation), for the guitar program. The guitar course will take place during the 14th-28th of July 2013

Please see Narniafestival.it - or direct link to the International Summer Training Program.

To contact Tali Roth, click here.

Last year Tali Roth master classes videos in Narnia Festival:

Narnia 2012

Narnia Festival Concert Schedule:
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Link To Narnia Flyer